Gnome Notification Applet for QuickSwitch
Lars Trieloff


Snip from Lars Trieloff's e-mail message:


Download TraySwitcher
Source and binary packet of tray switcher applet. Installation:
copy trayswitcher.exe, and egg-sharp.dll to a location of your
Execution: mono /path/to/trayswitcher.exe

Prerequisites: Notification area (included in
KDE3, Xfce-4 and Gnome2), Mono (I have
v0.28) and Gtk-Sharp ( (I have v0.8)

Quickswitch of course (must be installed to /usr/bin, or change
the code) and the last quickswitch configuration should be at

Limitations: does not detect changes of configuration outside
the applet.

Downloads gswitchto
Uses currently zenity, but options for {g|x}dialog should be the


Lars can be contacted at [ lars AT trieloff DOT net ]